14 Signs You’re An Old Soul


This is me!

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

1. You tend to think a lot about everything. You’re always finding deeper meaning in your relationships, simple interactions with strangers, and in the world around you.

2. You enjoy solitude and use it as a time to reflect on your life and everything going on in it. You continually seek out higher understanding and are incredibly introspective about life.

3. You’ve always had maturity far beyond your years. When you were a child people commented on how mature you were and you probably enjoyed sitting at the adult’s table as opposed to the children’s table. It’s not that you couldn’t have fun being a kid, it’s just that sometimes you thought the adult conversations were far more interesting.

4. You take pleasure in simple things like drinking coffee and reading the news, having breakfast with friends, cooking a great meal, or reading a good book.

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Should I Buy This House? Please Vote!

I have posted before about buying a house.

I have also posted about the various benefits of renting.

I pay 650$ for a two bedroom apartment, all inclusive. It has a tiny bit of character as it is in an older home. There is a huge outbuilding for storage. The landlords are an amazing, low key couple that I really never see except in the winter when he comes to plow the driveway.

Buying may make sense IF you do not end up being house poor. If you can find a place that you can actually afford then maybe buying makes sense for you.

Does the place you are looking at buying represent good value? Will it appreciate? Most property does but certainly not always and only if you are doing the upgrades/maintenance that is needed, is it in a high demand area, etc.

I see both sides of it. Renting works for some people and makes sense. Buying may work for some people depending on a number of factors.

So please take a look at the following property.

Should I Buy This House?

It is 2 minutes outside town limits. Property taxes are 750.00$ per year.

It needs a roof, appliances and various other upgrades.

It is 1.45 acres which backs down onto the Lahave River.

Down in the backyard

Down in the backyard

The property currently sits empty and has been on the market for at least 700 days!

It was originally listed for 124000.00$ and the price has been lowered numerous times and now is at 69,900$.

I would offer much less and see what happens. I feel that this property represents good value, could be updated, upgraded, maybe with some off grid systems for power and hot water, lived in for a few years and then sold or even rented out.

Anyway I want the blogosphere to vote on whether I should consider this investment.

I am going to make an appointment to go and at least look at it and try to find out more about it. My mother’s best friend lives directly next door and I am hoping that maybe she can give me some insight into what is going on with the property.

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Do You Live Paycheck To Paycheck?

What does it mean to live paycheck to paycheck? I have a feeling that a lot of us know the answer to that question.

If you missed one paycheck essentially you would be screwed. Right now you have just enough to pay your bills and that is about it. If there should arise some type of emergency or unexpected expense you would be hard pressed to find the funds to cover it.

And there it begins. You put of paying one bill to pay another. And so on and so on. Before you know it you are behind on a few bills and just can’t seem to get caught up on payments.

Sound familiar?

How many of you have been there? It is a terrible feeling knowing that you have more month left than money. It causes a lot of stress and I am sure a fair amount of arguing between couples.

How does this even happen? Where does it start, this bad relationship with money?

I could write some stuff here about creating a budget, about tracking your expenses and other money saving tips.

I could also suggest that you need to increase your income and reduce your expenses.

Good advice to be sure.

But I have a feeling that a lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck because they just don’t like themselves.

Whoa. What did he say?

That’s right. Maybe, just maybe, it is the fact that you do not like yourself or the life that you have created for yourself that has you stuck in this particular feedback loop.

You think that it has pretty much always been this way so it is pretty much always going to be this way.

Now I am not suggesting that you should not look at creating a budget or track expenses and all that other stuff.

Hell maybe you have done some of those things. How did it work out for you? Same as that new healthy eating plan? Lasted about a week and then it was right back to the same old, same old eh?

I’ve been there believe me.

If you don’t learn to like yourself I am not sure any attempt at getting your financial shit together is going to last.

So why don’t you like yourself? I am not sure I can answer that question for you. Only you can do that.

Low self-esteem. Physical appearance. A job that is not fulfilling. The list goes on.

We care what others think about us way too much. Or rather what we think they are thinking.

You are giving other people way too much power.

Learning to like yourself is no easy task. I struggle with this as well at times but I am making progress.

You look how you look. Your skills are your skills. Your job is your job. Now certainly all of things can be changed if you want to change them. But would you still have that feeling that others are thinking about you in some way? Probably.

What it boils down to maybe is that you have to earn your own self respect.

Are you essentially a good person who has compassion for others and for the planet? If so then who gives a shit about what others think? What do they know? Not a damn thing.

Judge yourself on the quality of your character first. That is all that really matters.

People grow older and one’s physical appearance may diminish. Skills may fade. But your true character is still there.

Try this experiment: think right now of your favorite person and ask yourself, what is it about them that attracts you the most? Odds are it isn’t their physical appearance or their accomplishments but rather their magnanimous spirit; the way they treat others. This is the key quality that makes people likable, even to themselves.

Treating others well, it turns out, is the fastest path to a healthy self-esteem. If you dislike yourself, stop focusing on your negative qualities. We all have negative qualities. There’s nothing special about your negativity, I promise you. Focus instead on caring for others. Because the more you care about others, I guarantee the more in turn you’ll be able to care about yourself and this will allow you to get your life together a bit more.

And this in turn will allow you to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

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Places To See List. Check Out Number 4!

Places to See List

I love to travel. I have been fortunate to have traveled to Europe and bummed around on my own in 2010 for a month. And yes I have gone to some Caribbean destinations and a few places in North America.

There are probably thousands of destinations on my places to see list.

Here are some of my top picks.

1. Turkey


East meets West in Instanbul, where breathtaking ancient architecture coexists with modern restaurants and nightlife. The city’s mosques, bazaars, and hammams (Turkish baths) could keep you happily occupied for your entire trip. Start with the awe-inspiring Sultan Ahmet Camii (Blue Mosque), visible from many points of the city.

2. Rome.

The Eternal City

The Eternal City

I have been there and long to go back. In Rome, you can drink from a street fountain fed by an ancient aqueduct. Or see the same profile on a statue in the Capitoline Museum.

3. Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Ancient Temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia

Ancient Temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia

I love historical places and the amazingly well-preserved ancient temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia certainly fit the bill.

4. Navagio Beach, Greece.

Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach

Oh. My. God. Yes there are thousands of amazing beach destinations. But Navagio Beach, Zakynthos Island, Greece is on the top of my list. For now.

5. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Since I am already going to be in Greece, why not stop swing on over to Santorini and admire the whitewashed buildings, some ouzo and enjoy a sunset.

6. Machu Picchu, Peru

Maccu Piccu

Maccu Piccu

Again with the history. I just blows my mind how advanced these cultures were. The engineering of their fresh water system is stunning.

7. Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

How were these amazing places created? Please can someone explain this to me?

8. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

I could easily put many more destinations on my own personal places to see list. I just want to see as many places as possible in my lifetime.

What places do you have on your list? Where have you already traveled?

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Twelve Habits of Happy, Healthy People Who Don’t Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace

Originally posted on I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog:

Every damn time someone in my facebook feed posts something like this, I click it. Every damn time.

We all have this facebook friend, right? People you genuinely love and admire. People you like hanging out with. People you invite to your birthday parties. You know. Actual friends. Until you’ve clicked links exactly like thisagain and again and again. For YEARS. And all of a sudden, you start to wonder if this is some elaborate hoax, if you’ve actually just been reading the same article over and over.

It’s not like I have anything against happiness, or success, or meditation, or yoga, or being nice, or smiling more, or eating healthy, or losing weight, or being your best you, or embracing the day with a positive attitude. Those all sound great. Honestly, they do. And there are some really smart, simple truths to be found in all…

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How Much Do You Believe In Advertising?

The biggest obstacle to a wonderfully minimalist life is advertising. Hell, advertising might even be the reason some people feel that their life isn’t fulfilling.

Let’s think about that statement for a minute: what is a minimalist lifestyle, and what stands in our way from reaching it? How is advertising involved?

A minimalist life can be many things, but at its heart is becoming conscious about what we have in our lives. Space is limited: we have limited hours in a day, limited years in our lives, limited physical space in our homes.

And we fill all that limited space up unconsciously, packing it to overfull without much thought to whether that’s the best use of our space.

Minimalism is about pausing, and asking what’s necessary. What belongs in this space, and what can we toss out? Is the fantasy we have in our heads, that’s causing us to fill things up unconsciously, really what we thought it would be?

Advertising has the exact opposite aim: it wants us to spend without thinking about it. It wants us to buy on impulse. It wants to implant fantasies in our heads that cause us to go out and buy.

Think about an ad for clothing, or an Apple product, for example: they show us beautiful people living gorgeous lives, centered around the simple solution of having their product in our hands (or around our bodies).

Ads for a cleanser make us think we’ll not only have clean skin, but a perfect complexion and high cheekbones and a hunky boyfriend who adores us.

Ads for a new app make us think that all of a sudden we’ll be more organized and productive and all of our needs will be magically taken care of with this beautifully designed program in our smartphone.

Ads for a new kitchen appliance give us the fantasy of perfect health and a beautiful body, if only we had this magical tool in our homes.

Of course, none of this is true — we will be no more organized or productive, no more healthy and beautiful, no more likely to have a hunky boyfriend (or lithe girlfriend) if we buy any of these products. We’ll just be poorer, with more stuff in our already full lives.

What’s worse is advertising not only implants a fantasy in our minds that we instantly want … it gives us the self-conscious feeling of lack. We all of a sudden are not complete, not happy, because we don’t have the fantasy lives. We aren’t good enough yet. We aren’t happy yet.

And the buying does nothing to placate that lack. We buy, and still don’t have the fantasy, and so we still feel bad about ourselves. We still have the void inside our hearts that can never be filled.

Advertising is the insidious whisper of the bad angel of commerce.

I don’t blame advertisers: they are caught up in a game where they have to advertise, or they die. I don’t blame consumers: this is the society we live in and we have never lived in any other way.

I don’t even blame advertising companies: the Googles and Don Drapers of the world are just trying to make a buck like everyone else, and have figured out what works. Why not do what’s effective, right?

Don’t blame the player. Blame the game.

We are caught up in a game where we must make more money, and therefore must advertise, and to be effective at that we must instill fantasies that cannot be reached, a feeling of lack that cannot be eased.

We are caught up in a game where this entire process is OK with everyone, in fact cheered on because the most successful at it — Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Speilberg, Walt Disney, et al — they are the winners of our society. We worship them.

The people who opt out of this game are ridiculed as hippies and bums and weirdos.

I say we toss out this game. Grab it by the belt and send it skidding to the sidewalk.

I say we revolt.

We can revolt by simply opting out. They don’t have an “opt in” checkbox on the form of this game, but we can still opt out even if we aren’t given this choice.

We can opt out by not watching ads. Not having them on our websites. Not buying into movies that are simply clever ads. Not believing the fantasies. Not buying on impulse. Not using shopping as therapy. Not using buying as a solution to everything. Not supporting media that’s just there to get us to read the ads between the stories. Not going to websites that have intrusive popup ads. Not listening to ad-supported radio. Not watching videos online that have ads. Not using ad-supported email. Not wearing logos on our clothing. Not getting logos tattooed on our bodies. Not going to theme parks that are just big ads for their products. Not shopping when we’re on vacation. Not buying presents to celebrate the holidays. Not buying smartphones because of an ad we saw. Not buying clothes or makeup or skin products to make ourselves look like a fantasy. Not reading magazines that try to make us have a fantasy of what we should look like. Not watching TV shows supported by ads.

Sound like too much? Yes, I agree: we are too entrenched in ads. We can’t get out of them. We are dependent. The revolt is too revolting. Back to your regularly scheduled program.

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How To Build A Tiny House From Salvalged Materials

How To Build A Tiny House From Salvaged Materials

I have long had a dream of living in a tiny house.

I love the simplicity of the design of tiny homes.

And let’s face it. A lot of us live in houses that are probably too big for our needs. As George Carlin puts it, “houses are just places to keep all of our crap.”

We are then forced to commit a large portion of our resources and paycheck to pay for the dwelling.

Downsizing to a tiny house may be a way of living more sustainably, off grid and maybe even for free!

Imagine being able to build your own tiny house from salvaged building materials.

It is entirely possible to do this. Just think about all of the stuff that people throw away!

Building even a tiny house from new materials is going to be somewhat expensive relative to people’s income, and may not be the most sustainable way to do it.

Here in Nova Scotia, Dartmouth specifically, there is a large demolition company that salvages reusable material that could easily be used in building a tiny house.

I suspect that your area probably has something similar.

Now let me be clear about something.

I have absolutely no skills when it comes to building anything. None, zip, nada. So I would have to get help to build anything.

Building a tiny house from salvaged materials can be done. Others have done it and the houses look amazing.

Could you live in a tiny house?

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