The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” —Henry Thoreau

I want to sell everything. Well, all of my material possessions. I don’t think too many people would buy my files of various paperwork.

So the questions I have about wanting to sell everything I own are:

  • Why do I feel this way?
  • What do I think it will accomplish?
  • Does anyone else feel this way?


If I Was To Sell Everything in My Apartment…

Life would be perfect. That is kind of what I think which I realize is not true. And yet I am a bit obsessed with the thought of getting rid of all my stuff. It is weighing me down. But I am also wondering if it is tied to my anxiety and the depression I am slipping into.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ― Lao Tzu

None of this stuff makes me happy. I suppose some of it is useful and gives me joy(thinking of the window A/C on these hot and humid summer days!). But overall I don’t have anything that I care about too deeply.

I Claim To Be A Minimalist But…

For years I have identified as a minimalist but I have a lot of useless crap. It seems to be human nature to fill our spaces with stuff. The average North American home has 300000 items in it.  Wow. It is a never ending cycle of buy stuff , get rid of it, buy some more.

What is the point of all that?

I Want To See What It Would Be Like To Sell Everything

I want to see what if i could do it. I want to see what emotions I would go through in parting with my stuff. I have spent money on this crap. Would I be able to actually sell it for a fraction of what I paid for it? How would it feel to have 80% less stuff in my apartment?

I want to do this as a learning experiment.

But maybe there is something more…

Is It Tied To How I Feel About Life?

Could it be that this feeling of wanting to sell everything I own is tied to how I feel about life? I am feeling a bit down lately. Not sure exactly why that is. On the surface my life is great. I have lots of work. I am saving 80% of my income. My health is great. I am down 80 pounds in weight over the past year. I have another epic solo travel adventure planned for February and March 2018. And yet I am just feeling a bit…down.

Selling all your stuff and starting over sounds so romantic. It is so appealing.

Maybe I feel like a failure and this would be my way of starting over. Hitting the reset button.

Would anything change?

I Need To Stop Comparing My Life

This would mean no social media which may be a good thing of course. I need to practice gratitude and mindful meditation. I know how important these things are for my mental well being.

And yet I am still drawn to selling everything I own. This stuff around here seems to be some sort of reminder that I cannot get myself sorted out. Grrr. I don’t know how to explain it! It is just a nagging feeling I have.

Maybe it is a way to exert some control over my life. I would be a way to actually see real change. As opposed to just moving crap from one place to another. Which some people call “getting organized”. I call bullshit on that. I would rather de-own stuff instead of just decluttering, which does not tend to get me very far.

So I am dealing with this slightly-more-than-mild obsession of selling everything.

Does anyone else out there feel the same way?

Please let me know in the comments.

“Change The Code. Change Your Life”


5 thoughts on “I Want To Sell Everything I Own. Why Is That?

  1. I remember threw away 2/3 of my possession when I moved from the USA to China in 2012. I just cannot see myself lug a bunch of stuff from one country to another. I wonder how people even live in a home that has 300K+ items in it?

  2. Here I am on my phone at 5:05am Santa Barbara Ca time. Why do I have a feeling and an obsession with selling all my stuff: bike, furniture, art, scooter, cookware, clothes, junk( wii, colorbook collection, games). I am feeling too big, like I can’t gather it up and run, I should get rid of it.
    IDK…I feel I am in tour boat.
    But, I also have a fear of even dealing with people to sell my stuff. It’s a big mess!
    Is it my depression, my need to control, my need to feel something: like loss, or hurt or helplessness.
    Ugh….this is a horrible feeling.
    I have thought about what I need to do though, I wil start with all the winter clothes I brought to Cali from Wa!
    Thanks for giving me an outlet for this.
    My life’s for sale, yeah; here you go, just live my life.

    1. I so understand where you are at mentally. I have a feeling that lot of people feel the same way about all the stuff they have accumulated. Just try to remember to breathe. One moment at a time. If you can actually sell or donate a few items a week that is a great start. I am keeping a box by my door and anything that no longer suits me or brings any usefulness or joy to my life goes in the box. Every few days I take the box to the car and it goes in a donation bin. One step at a time Mo.

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