“If it’s true that our species is alone in the universe, then I’d have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.”

My goodness we are stupid. I mean just plain old dumb. We have these big brains, opposable thumbs, and walking upright. We coulda been a contender.

But here we are plodding along, screwing up the environment we live in and spending money we don’t have. And then we scratch our heads and wonder why things are fucked up.

Stupid I tell you.

And I am not saying that I am any better. I bitch and moan about various things. My life, my job, my weight. Blah, blah, blah.

We are also a species of suckers. We believe advertising like there is no tomorrow. If someone was selling deep fried raccoon assholes on a stick we’d buy them.

Look at these elastic things kids buy. A craze for crying out loud. Someone is a multi-millionaire because kids want little pieces of elastic. Wow.

We believe it all.

No money down. Buy now, pay later. Unheard of prices. Going out of business sale. Limited time offer. Sale, sale, sale! End of season discounts. You’ll never see prices this low again.

We might as well just bend over and take it.

We get that glazed look in our eyes and trot off to the mall and pick up more shit we don’t need and really have no use for. We just cannot stand to keep our money for ourselves. Can’t do it.

And then we wonder why we’re broke.

People will trample each other to get to stuff too. Look at the video of people rushing to buy the new Air Jordan Sneakers. Sneakers. Fucking sneakers. Pushing and shoving and running over little kids to buy a pair of shoes.

Yup we sure are the most intelligent species on the planet.

No cash, no problem. Just put it on a credit card. Now there’s intelligence for you. You don’t have the money to pay for something but you buy it anyway. You pay 15 or 18 or 28 percent interest on something that costs 25 dollars. Holy crap.

And people still wonder why they have no money. They wonder why they can’t seem to get ahead.

Look around Einstein. Look at all the crap you have piled up. We have extra rooms that can’t be used because we have so much stuff. Most people can’t park the car in the garage because it is piled high with junk.

I get a perverse satisfaction from watching shows where people are broke and they have no idea how it happened.

I’ll tell you how. You are stupid. That’s it. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

If you didn’t believe all the bullshit that is advertising your life would be a lot better.

Your life is NOT better because you have an iPhone or a video game system or a treadmill or any of the other shit you have. The shit you have is just that. Shit. Crap. Garbage. Mine is too. I’m not better.

It is almost the only reason we have jobs. To go out and get more crap. Well whatever you have been conned into thinking you must have when you get paid next week, here is a newsflash. You don’t need it. You just don’t.

Stop for a second before you buy something. Think about it. Show some intelligence for once. Big business and advertisers want you to be a sucker. They know that the vast majority of people are absolutely stupid and that they are incapable of thinking for themselves. They know how easy it is to get someone to part with their money.

Just be happy with yourself and your life. That’s all you need.

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“Live Simply”

2 thoughts on “We Are A Really Stupid Species

  1. I love a good rant, and I agree. Or, at least, I agree with everything except:
    “It is almost the only reason we have jobs. To go out and get more crap. Well whatever you have been conned into thinking you must have when you get paid next week, here is a newsflash. You don’t need it. You just don’t.”

    I’m not scraping bare bottom yet, but the price of the bare essentials require an income every month as well.

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