How To Get Rid Of Clutter and Save The World!

how to get rid of clutter
Does you place look like THIS?

Have you ever looked around your place and just thought, “WTF am I doing with all this STUFF?!”.

I know I have and I consider myself to be a minimalist.

If you have a house and kids and pets then you know what I mean.

Your physical stuff starts to add up and if you have too much of it, it starts to take over and it becomes “clutter”.

Clutter is defined as

a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass.

Um, yeah, that photo above might just qualify.

So why is it a good idea to try and live clutter free?

Kristie Demke, President of Professional Organizers in Canada puts it this way:

“Clutter can be a big weight on the state of your mental health. Clutter is like pollution. It’s all-pervasive: It’s in your thoughts, in your way, in your space. It robs you of peace of mind and that feeling of being at home.”

One day your kitchen bench is clutter-free and a calming beacon of white space. The next, there are three separate piles of papers, homework, catalogues, bills, handbags, mobile devices, random hairclips and Lego blocks scattered across the surface. You don’t understand where it’s come from, but there it is. Sitting in the middle of your kitchen like it’s always been. Taunting you and your futile efforts at simplicity.

Sound familiar?

First of all check out this recent post on just how much stuff we have.

Stats about the stuff we own.

Alright then. We are now 5 days into 2016 and maybe it is a good time to start getting rid of clutter.

How To Live Clutter Free

clutter free
Want This?

1. Stop buying shit.

I know that sounds harsh. You have enough. No really you do. How many pairs of shoes do you need? Just. Stop. Buying. You do not need more space. You need less stuff. So stop.

2. Get rid of stuff. Often.

Oh stop whining! That picture frame made from macaroni is ugly. There I said it. Now get rid of it. I feel that a person needs to do a clean sweep of their belongings every month. If not, then things will start to accumulate and before you know it you are right back at square one. Purge often.

clutter free

3. Have a place for everything.

‘A place for everything, and everything in its place.’ Almost a cliche, but still some of the best organizing advice out there. So get up off your ass and put things away. Now!

4. Make Number 3 a habit. Become a habitual putter-awayer.

Put the bottle opener back in the drawer! Hang that skirt you didn’t wear back in the closet! When you see how much better your home looks, you’ll be that much more motivated to keep fighting the good fight.


5. Store things where you use them.

The car keys get put on the hook by the door. See how that works. Good.

Be smart about where you store things. Not having to walk halfway across your home to put things away will make #3 that much easier.

6. Realize that life is about experiences, not things.

Remember that this is a blog about living a more minimalist lifestyle.

We are marketed to 24/7 by advertisers that would have us believe that a happy life is all about having the latest stuff: a new car, an outdoor kitchen, an ice cream maker. But studies have shown, over and over (and my own experience has borne out) that it isn’t the things in our lives that make us happy: it’s our experiences that we treasure most. So the next time you’re tempted to buy more stuff, don’t.

7. Just Do your Best.

Remember that nobody is perfect, and nobody’s home is perfect. Even the homes you see in the magazines aren’t perfect — it took a whole team of stylists to make them that way. Maybe you have kids, pets and a spouse that keep life interesting.

Want help? Here is the Number 1 Best Seller On Amazon!

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up Blog Post

Can you share with me one way you stop clutter accumulating in your home?

Please share this post.

“Live Simply”

8 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Clutter And Save The World

  1. Stop buying shit is definitely the top point. I had a baby 9 months ago and I’m still getting presents, things I do not need. No one respects my choices and I feel that I’m going to have to put my foot down for his first birthday and say ‘please, do not buy him a soft toy or a mobile (I have 6 mobiles for his room), please just give him an experience or money to invest until he’s older’. I don’t want to be harsh, I know this is my choice and I can’t force others to embrace minimalism, but they need to respect that I want to instill some stuff in my child and that is my choice and mine alone.

    Organising is definitely the last step, the less you have, the less time you have to worry about organising it.

    1. First of all congratulations!! Yes I am sure that having a baby is an invitation for everyone to shower you and the baby with gifts galore. It is how we express our love and adoration in our society. But you’re right: when is enough enough? Or in your case too much? Just imagine if they had given you the money that was spent to invest in a savings account of some sort!! And I have also posted about the whole “organizing” thing. It is much better to purge your items than to keep moving them around! Fantastic comment. You should write a blog post about it!

  2. Thank you, it is seen as an invitation to shower the baby with gifts. It’s pretty focused on the child which is cute but the mum is the one that needs the attention. Since I had my son I’ve made an effort to focus on the mum when my friends have babies. I’d much rather the money to invest for his future, but people are intent on buying “stuff” that they think is meaningful, and a lot of the time it isn’t. Sad and harsh, but true. Thanks for the reply, I did actually write a post after I read this, I should have referred to this.

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