The Surf Shack Tiny House

It is truly amazing to me how many people love tiny house floor plans. If you put up some photos of traditional houses people will certainly like them but when you show them tiny house pictures they are usually in awe and want to know more about tiny house designs and how they are built.

There are so many different amazing tiny house design plans that a person could choose from.

Tiny house floor plans


Molecule Tiny Homes Surf Shack

It is a bit ridiculous to try and pick just one tiny house design and plan to fall in love with. There are just so many great options out there these days from custom tiny house builders.

That being said, I am very smitten with this particular tiny house plan and design. It is from Molecule Tiny Homes.

I really like the linear kitchen at one end and the open space in the middle. And the wall of windows is a must for me for passive solar gain and the amazing views to nature it would give you. I personally am not a fan of a loft bed. I am not getting any younger so going up and down a ladder may not be easy. So I would be thinking of a Murphy bed style of set up.

This view looks a bit plain but then you walk around to the other side and..

molecule tiny homes surf shack

… how about that?!! Two sets of of sliding doors. Very nice.


I do love the layout of this tiny house kitchen. You may even be able to have an actual small island with storage.

This is a custom kitchen with concrete counter tops. Maybe a simple butcher’s block counter top would suffice.

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surf shack bathroom
An Amazing tiny house bathroom!

Wow! What a bathroom in a tiny house! It goes to show that with the right tiny house floor plan and design you do not have to sacrifice style to live in a tiny house.

Click Here for Tiny House floor plans.

This tiny house does not include solar panels on the roof, which is something that could easily be incorporated into the design. It would make going off-grid that much easier.

surf shack molecule tiny homes
View of kitchen from under loft

Surf shack tiny house with amazing views

Passive solar tiny house

So what are your thoughts on this tiny house plan and design?

What tiny house floor plans do you love the most?

Please share your thoughts in the comments and please share this post on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Thanks.

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Tiny house floor plans

16 thoughts on “The Surf Shack: A Tiny House Plan I Really Could Get Used To

  1. I LOVE this house, I have never seen it before either! I love how open it is! Very well laid out, I’m not super stoked about lofts either but the full bathroom is awesome!

    1. exactly. We would modify certain elements of this particular tiny house plan and incorporate other tiny home design elements that we like but you get the basic idea.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I love the idea of tiny house living, but with 4 of us in our family (well 3 with #4 on the way) I think about the smallest we could comfortably get away with right now is about 800 sq ft. We are currently in just under 1200 and we could easily get rid of a whole bedroom (we have 4) and shrink the kitchen a bit and be fine (and I’m guessing that would drop us to around 800). I think we could even survive with 1` 1/2 baths (it never fails, my son ALWAYS has to go to the bathroom at the exact same time I do so we couldn’t drop to just 1 bath).

  3. I adore this design. When I looked at tiny houses I looked at one similar, but worried with the flat roof and the massive amount of snow we get here that it would be a problem..I’m with you, I am disabled so all the ones with the lofts are out of the question, but it would have been nice for when the grand kids were older and visited to have it.

  4. I LOVE the idea of the tiny house… but I would be afraid I would go nuts after enough time and want more space. I could be wrong though. It is beautiful, that’s for sure.

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  6. I’d really love to see what people have done with this layout! It’s a great base but its the personal touches that make it all worthwhile 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing – I shall certainly be studying the floorplans in the future!

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