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I have not posted anything about tiny houses in a while, but make no mistake, I still love tiny house floor plans!

Here are just a few of what may be considered the top tiny houses of 2015.

1. Tiny home built from bottles, bones and beach debris

top tiny houses

Sleeping in a space without electricity on a totally silent beach on a remote island behind thick walls, it was the quietest night I have ever spent. The light filtering through the bottles and windows this morning from the rising sun was a glorious sight. It was a truly memorable experience.

2. Self Made 500$ Tiny Home

tiny house made from recycled material

Now this is what I am talking about! Using salvaged materials and gifted items will keep costs down, as Pacific Northwest resident Scott Brooks did with his tiny home, which he built for “well below” USD $500.

3. Off Grid Hawaii Vacation Home

off grid tiny house

It’s in Hawaii. And it was built for 11000$. That is all.

4. Architect Built Tiny House

custom built tiny house

Not cheap but very comfortable with full size appliances and bathroom.

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5. Cinder Box

Cinder Box tiny house

Cinder Box is a MicroDwelling inspired by a desire to produce a prototype for small scale living and working. The 200sf unit includes a general living space with corner sliding doors opening up to an exterior porch.

6. A Luxury Tiny House

Luxury tiny house

7. Retored Airstream Tiny House

airstream tiny house

A restored 1976 Airstream in New Orleans, Louisiana. Owned, restored and shared by Rusty Lazer.

8. Ecoperch

tiny house treehouse

A pre-fab house that can be used as a treehouse and erected in 5 days.

9. Cinder Box 2

tiny house on wheels

A 162 square feet tiny house on wheels in Oregon built by Shelter Wise

Fantastic Tiny House Floor Plans!

Do you love the idea of living in your own tiny house? Do you have a favorite from the tiny houses pictured above?

Please share your ideas in the comments and please share this post via social media. Thank you.

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