Over the past four and a half weeks I have been fortunate enough to have been bouncing around Nicaragua.

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I have learned so much. Both about this amazing country and the wonderful people here and about myself.

I have met so many other backpackers from other countries and the love we all seem to share for travel and maybe even for each other is what makes this type of traveling so incredible.

Backpackers are so helpful with each other. Where we have been , good hostels to stay at, how to actually make your way to a new location , the best places to eat. The list goes on.

I have met people on this journey that I will never forget and who I will stay in touch with in the future.

El Cuco, El Salvador

When you are doing a solo travel backpacking adventure random things happen that can change your life.

A few days ago I was in Esteli in Nicaragua for an incredible tour of Somoto Canyon.

Solo travel

The next morning I got in a shuttle for the 2 hour journey from Esteli back to Leon. A girl gets in the shuttle and sits with me and we start talking. She is from Switzerland.

Over the course of the next two hours we talk and she informs of an amazing place in El Cuco, El Salvador. La Tortuga Verde 

Solo travel
La Tortuga Verde in El Cuco, El Salvador

So travel

I had not planned to travel outside of Nicaragua! But the way she talked about this amazing place convinced me to do the most spontaneous thing I have ever done.

When opportunity knocks you answer the door.

At 4 am the very next morning I am on a chicken bus with this amazing girl from Switzerland headed for the Honduras border. We exited Nicaragua and walked across the border into El Salvador.

Onto a shuttle to cross Honduras and into El Salvador.  A total of 12 hours travel and 2 more chicken buses through El Salvador and we arrive at the amazing hotel/hostel of La Tortuga Verde in El Cuco.

What an incredible journey. Walking across 2 borders. 12 hours of travel with a person I had just met the day before. Finding my way to this incredible place.

Solo travel is amazing. I cannot wait to see what the next adventure is.

Have you ever done any solo travel?

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9 thoughts on “Solo Travel is Amazing. El Cuco in El Salvador

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  2. I’ve never done solo travel but have wanted to do it for so long. It seems nice to be spontaneous and not have to worry about anyone else but yourself! This looks awesome, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Yes it is very nice to be spontaneous. Plus if I meet someone super special (like right now) and you want to travel together for a little bit you can. It takes a lot of courage I think to do solo travel. Most people are with friends or a partner/spouse and you are not. I would be lying if I said I don’t get a bit lonely at times. But it all works out. Go for it and let me know where you are and maybe we will see each other on the road 🙂

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